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How I Use Git


This article will be a guided tour of how I use git.

We’ll talk about configuration of git itself, the aliases and scripts I’ve written, and the other tools I work with.

Rewriting z from scratch, part 2

Last month I wrote about how I rewrote z from scratch after I started using fzf.

10 days later I posted the following toot on Mastodon:

There’s a problem with my implementation: ‘recent’ paths only get priority after they’ve been accessed enough times.

There’s an elegant solution for this, let’s see if you can find it!

There’s a clue on my github repo:

Answer on my blog soon.

PS: No spoil, please

Well, it’s time for me to give the answer.

Rewriting z from scratch

z is a tool that will remember all the directories you are visiting when using your terminal, and then make it possible to jump around those directories quickly.

Let’s try and rewrite this functionality from scratch, maybe we’ll learn a few things this way.

fzf for the win

Last month, I heard about fzf for the first time.

Today, it has become one of my favorite tools and I can no longer imagine working on a computer without it installed.

Let me tell you what happened.

Interfaces and Annotations in Python3

TL;DR: Annotations in Python3 are very useful when declaring interfaces using abc metaclass.

If you want to stop reading here, I’m not going to stop you:)

If not, allow me to take you to on a small journey where I explain what all of this is about …